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A school is a multi-faceted organization with different tasks to manage daily. While they can be a handful, you need the right tool to remain on top of your game and oversee all processes efficiently. 

SAFSIMS School Management Software interface

Fees management

  • Monitor fees payment and balances

    Monitor fees payment and balances: Parents can, view invoices & receipts, and receive reminders about pending or overdue payments

  • Convenient and flexible payment options

    Parents can pay fees easily from wherever they are without visiting the school. The timely reminders and notifications help parents avoid late payments and plan ahead for upcoming payments

SAFSIMS School Management Software reporting feature

Profile management

  • Manage and update information

    Parents can easily update their contact information such as phone number and address as soon as there is a change. They can also update their children information, medical reports, and other data

  • Ensure the safety & wellbeing of children/ward

    With access to provide relevant and timely information about their children, parents can keep the school informed about the child’s health condition, emergency contact, and other relevant information

Two-way communication

  • Receive instant updates on children’s academic and social progress

    Parents can receive updates from teachers, send messages to teachers and staff and get feedback in a timely and convenient manner

  • Improve parent participation & collaboration

    With effective feedback and information sharing, parents are in the loop about all school activities and information about their children and wards. They also build trust and rapport with staff, which enhances their participation in all school activities

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Performance reports

  • Get access to children’s academic reports

    Parents can view the grades, test scores, attendance reports, and other relevant data regarding their children. This gives them insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their children and monitors their development

  • Support children’s education

    Armed with updates about their children’s school performance and behaviour, parents can create an enabling environment and support system at home that consolidates academic excellence and student growth

SAFSIMS School Management Software notification system

In-app support

  • Get personalized assistance

    Parents who need support can easily access help on the system. There is also a wide range of resources, FAQs and chat options for parents to get the live support they need

  • Feel confident & empowered with hands-on support

    With quicker ways to resolve issues, parents can save time & effort, and feel more confident about their children’s school

Calendar event

  • View and track important school events

    Parents can easily manage their children’s schedules and plan for important events such as school trips, parents and teachers meeting, exams, and holidays

  • Help parents stay organized

    With access to school activities on their calendars, parents can organize their personal schedules to make room for important school events like inter-house sports events, end-of-term parties, parents-teachers meeting, etc

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